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Battery for B-Ultrosonic machine, 11.1V 4400mAh Samsung Li-ion 18650 cells 6PCS in 3S2P, 12 months of warranty, CE, UL

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Battery for B-Ultrosonic machine, 11.1V 4400mAh Samsung Li-ion 18650 cells 6PCS in 3S2P, 12 months of warranty, CE, UL

Brand Name : Samsung

Model Number : ICR18650-26FM

Certification : CE, UL, IEC62133

Place of Origin : KOREA

MOQ : 200PCS

Price : Negotiable

Supply Ability : 500,000PCS per month

Delivery Time : 20 days

Packaging Details : Standard Air or Sea transporation package

Normal Voltage : 11.1V

Normal Capaicty : 4400mAh

Cell Brand : Samsung

name : B-ultrosonic machine battery

Size : 20*68*110mm

Configuration : 3S2P (S=Series; P=Parallel), 1~10S, 1~10P available

Discharge Rate : 1C (C=Capacity), 1C~3C available

Application : Track Device, Medical device, B-ultrosonic machine

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Newest High Capacity 18650 Li-ion Battery Packs for B-Ultrosonic machine, 11.1V 6600mAh Samsung Li-ion 18650 cells 6PCS in 3S2P, 12 months of warranty, CE, UL approved

The battery is a rechargeable battery best suited to portable devices that require small-size, light weight and high performance. Its characteristics of high energy and high voltage (3.7V) powerfully fulfill these three key requirements. Its standard battery-pack, coupled with a charger, facilitates simple equipment design.


B-ultrosonic Machine, Track Device, Portable Electronic Products


1, High energy density

2, High working voltage

3, Pollution-free

4, Long cycle life

5, No memory effect

6, Direct factory price, short delivery time

7, With good Capacity, resistance, Voltage, platform time consistency.

8, Genuine PANASONIC battery cell, high quality guaranteed

9, With short-circuit production function, safe and reliable.Dual IC chips, that can anti-shortcircuit, anti- overcharger, anti-overcurrent, anti-overload.

10, Factory price& High quality.

Detailed specification:



Rated CapacityTypical4400mAh

standard discharge(0.2C)

after standard charge



Internal Resistance

Nominal Voltage11.1Vmean operation voltage
Voltage at end of Discharge7.5Vdischarge cut-off voltage
Charging at end of Voltage12.6V
Standard Charge

Constant Current 0.2C Constant

Voltage 12.6V 0.02C cut-off

charge time:Approx 6.0h
Standard DischargeConstant Current 0.2C end Voltage 9.0V
Fast Charge

Constant Current 1C Constant

Voltage 12.6V 0.02C5A cut-off

charge time:Approx 2.5h
Fast DischargeConstant Current 1C end Voltage 9.0V
Cycle Characteristic


4000 times(80%DOD)

7000 times(50%DOD)

the residual capacity is no less

than 80% of rated capacity at 1C rate.

Maximum Continuous

Discharge Current

2Cpulse discharge current: 5 C
Operation Temperature Range



60±25%R.H. bare battery
Storage Temperature Range

Less than 1 year:-20~25℃

Less than 3 months:-20~45℃

60±25%R.H. at the shipment

Promotional Cell Lists:

No.BrandP/N and Parameters
1Samsung18650-22FM 3.6V 2200mah Capacity type
2Samsung18650-20RM 3.7V 2000mah 22A Discharge rate
3Samsung18650-20Q 3.7V 2000mah 15A Discharge rate
4Samsung18650-15MM 3.7V 1500mah 23A Discharge rate
5Samsung18650-22V 3.7V 2200mah Capacity type
6LG18650-MG1 3.7V 2900mah 10A Discharge rate
7LGPL3250154-3400mah 3.6V Capacity type
8LGPL3768110-3650mah 3.6V Capacity type
9LGPL554545-1450mah 3.6V Capacity type
10LGPL3283150-5000mah 3.6V Capacity type
11A123PL72161227 20AH 3.2V
12A12332113-4500mah 3.2V
13A12326650-2500MAH 3.2V 75A Discharge rate
14JAVEPL11316722-30AH 3.2V Continuous 90A Discharge rate
15JAVEPL74212169 - 37AH 3.6V Continuous 110A Discharge rate
16JAVEPL7272112-6AH 3.6V 12A Discharge rate
17JAVEPL6765113-5AH 3.6V
18DLG26650-3.3AH 3.2V
19LS18650AM-1100mah 30A Discharge rate
20Sanyo18650AY-2200mah Capacity type
21Sanyo103450 3.7V 1880mah with built-in fuse
22SanyoUR18650SA 3.7V 1300mah 20A Discharge rate
23Panasonic18650CH-2200mah 10A Discharge rate
24Sony18650V3-2200mah 10A Discharge rate
25Sony18650VC3-2000mah 20A Discharge rate
26Sony18650GS-2200mah Capacity type
27Sony18650VTC5-2500mah 30A Discharge rate

Product Pictures:


CE, UL, REACH, ROSH; ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 approval have been carried.


1. We accept T/T , PAYPAL , Western Union, Cash and so on.

2. Other payment terms.

Safety Precautions:


(1) Misusing the battery may cause the battery to get hot, explode, or ignite and cause serious injury. Be sure to follow the safety rules listed below:
• Do not place the battery in fire or heat the battery.
• Do not install the battery backwards so that the polarity is reversed.
• Do not connect the positive terminal and the negative terminal of the battery to each other with any
metal object (such as wire).
• Do not carry or store the batteries together with necklaces, hairpins, or other metal objects.
• Do not penetrate the battery with nails, strike the battery with a hammer, step on the battery, or otherwise subject it to strong impacts or shocks.
• Do not solder directly onto the battery.
• Do not expose the battery to water or salt water, or allow the battery to get wet.

(2) Do not disassemble or modify the battery. The battery contains safety and protection devices which, if
damaged, may cause the battery to generate heat, explode or ignite.

(3)Do not place the battery on or near fires, stoves, or other high-temperature locations.

Do not place the battery in direct sunshine, or use or store the battery inside cars in hot weather. Doing so may cause the battery to generate heat, explode, or ignite. Using the battery in this manner may also result in a loss of performance and a shortened life expectancy.


1) Immediately discontinue use of the battery if, while using, charging, or storing the battery, the battery emits an unusual smell, feels hot, changes color, changes shape, or appears abnormal in any other way. Contact your sales location or Panasonic if any of these problems are observed.

(2) In the event that the battery leaks and the fluid gets into one’s eye, do not rub the eye. Rinse well with water and immediately seek medical care. If left untreated the battery fluid could cause damage to the eye.


Be sure to follow the rules listed below while charging the battery. Failure to do so may cause the battery to become hot, explode, or ignite and cause serious injury.

  • When charging the battery, either use a specified battery charger or otherwise insure that the battery charging conditions specified by Green Energy are met.
  • Do not attach the batteries to a power supply plug or directly to a car's cigarette lighter.
  • Do not place the batteries in or near fire, or into direct sunlight. When the battery becomes hot, the builtin safety equipment is activated,preventing the battery from charging further, and heating the battery can destroy the safety equipment and can cause additional heating, breaking, or ignition of the battery.

Wholesale Battery for B-Ultrosonic machine, 11.1V 4400mAh Samsung Li-ion 18650 cells 6PCS in 3S2P, 12 months of warranty, CE, UL from china suppliers

Battery for B-Ultrosonic machine, 11.1V 4400mAh Samsung Li-ion 18650 cells 6PCS in 3S2P, 12 months of warranty, CE, UL Images

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